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The effects of a Mind-Body approach, Somatic Psychoeducation, on Anxiety and Selfesteem.

2 septembre 2021

by Anne Lieutaud, Karine Grenier, and Danis Bois Abstract Introduction: Mind–body approaches are flourishing to answer the need for support in an increasingly demanding world. To provide scientific

Practitioner utilisation and perceptions of the clinical utility of Danis Bois Method (DBM) Fasciatherapy to pain management: A survey of French physiotherapists

5 mai 2021

Published in Advances in Integrative Medicine – april 2021 by Dr. Courraud Christian, Anne Lieutaud, Isabelle Bertrand, Dr. Danis Bois Center for Applied Research and Study in Perceptual Psychoe

Fascia and Covid-19

17 mars 2021

Integrative Journal of Medical Sciences : John Sharkey – Fascia Focused Manual Therapy Interventions Proposed Treatment for Post-COVID Syndrome. Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Clinical Scien

Study of the identity changes of a group of physiotherapists who practice DBM fasciatherapy.

18 juin 2020

published in Journal of bodywork and movement therapies by Dr. Courraud Christian, Anne Lieutaud, Dr. Danis Bois ABSTRACT ONLY| VOLUME 22, ISSUE 4, P867-868, OCTOBER 01, 2018   Introduction:

Tensionele integriteit en biomechanica van het gewricht

15 décembre 2017

Doet het concept van biotensegriteit, waarop fasciatherapie is gebaseerd, zijn intrede in de orthopedie? Artrose is een toenemend probleem voor de volksgezondheid. Artrose van de heupen en de knieën