Study of the identity changes of a group of physiotherapists who practice DBM fasciatherapy.

Article publié le 18 juin 2020

published in Journal of bodywork and movement therapies

by Dr. Courraud Christian, Anne Lieutaud, Dr. Danis Bois




Regarding the opportunity for physiotherapists to integrate knowledge about fascia within their clinical practice and to develop a new perspective about somatic disorders (Kwong & Findley 2014), we hypothesize that physiotherapists practising DBM Fasciatherapy may have made professional adjustments, and in particular identity shifts (Courraud 2012; Courraud et al 2018). This research investigates the existence of identity changes amongst French physiotherapists who practise Fasciatherapy. A quantitative survey was conducted amongst a population of practitioners, with a view to: (1) Identify the impacts of the changes resulting from Fasciatherapy practice; (2) Exploring and characterizing the existence of various identity profiles.

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