Practitioner utilisation and perceptions of the clinical utility of Danis Bois Method (DBM) Fasciatherapy to pain management: A survey of French physiotherapists

Gepubliceerd op 9 december 2021

Published in Advances in Integrative Medicine
by Dr. Courraud Christian, Anne Lieutaud, Isabelle Bertrand, Dr. Danis Bois
Center for Applied Research and Study in Perceptual Psychoeducation (CERAP), Fernando Pessoa University, Porto, Portugal

Received 13 January 2020, Revised 15 February 2021, Accepted 31 March 2021, Available online 3 April 2021.

Volume 8, Issue 4, December 2021, Pages 305-311 (published)



The study of the fascial system is of increasing interest to researchers and clinicians. The aim of this paper is to explore how physiotherapists integrate the Danis Bois Method (DBM) Fasciatherapy into their daily practice and whether or not it contributes to pain management.


A questionnaire with 2 closed questions (assessing their view on the effectiveness of fasciatherapy in the reduction of physical pain and mental suffering) and 2 open-ended questions (which type(s) of pain are best treated) was sent to 446 French physiotherapists trained as DBM fasciatherapists.


The DBM Fasciatherapy trained physiotherapists express a strong sense of improvement of their effectiveness on both physical pain and psychical suffering. This improvement is most noticeable on headaches, neck pain, acute low back pain, chronic low back pain, and migraines.


This study gives an insight into the value of using the DBM Fasciatherapy in the management of pain.

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Danis Bois Method Fasciatherapy
Manual therapy



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